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``Sometimes we wonder how the certainties we know can be denied. Who would ever expect to find Tempranillo grapes in Tuscany? We are taught to be the ruler of the Rioja region, in Spain. But then from Pietro Beconcini the Tempranillo returns to be the undisputed king of the vineyard. Yes, right in San Miniato. Just in Tuscany.`` - MORRIS LAZZONI

The Keepers of the Secret

Leonardo and Eva are entirely responsible for the company. They will welcome you personally and tell you about their wines; how they were born and why a small family winery like theirs works every year to produce a diverse variety of wines with personality.

The Tradition

Tradition is the high road followed from the beginning.
In the years in which the overwhelming entry of international varieties into Tuscany took place, I chose to cultivate only autochthonous grapes and also to select them on their own only on old vineyards in San Miniato.
The patience and caution with which we have undertaken research work in the field have been the real key to all future work. The most important results were: the profound understanding of the lands, until then cultivated in an archaic way, the selection of two local Sangiovese clones with which we still produce wines, the choice to increase the presence of Malvasia Nera (faithful traveling companion of Sangiovese) and finally having identified the unsuspected presence in San Miniato of this fantastic plant that today we finally know to be Tempranillo.

Wine Tastings

Today this very large municipality halfway between Pisa and Florence remains a very important grape production center, with about 600 hectares of vines, which to a large extent still today give their fruits to the noble Florentine winemakers of all time.

It may seem strange to you but above all the Sangiovese by Pietro Beconcini, thanks to its particular elegance and salinity, may be the right choice to combine with the famous white truffle of San Miniato.

During the White Market Exhibition in San Miniato in November you can enjoy combining our red wines with the prized Truffle of San Miniato, but you can also taste it in many seasons of the year, perhaps following a Truffle Hunt. We are waiting for you!

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