Fresco di Nero


Fresco di Nero is the fresh result of a grape very rich in fruit and extracts. This is still a choice of exclusivity deriving from our company philosophy and from the legacy that history has left us on the San Miniato grounds.




Tempranillo 100%

Età delle Viti

10-18 years


Fresh scents of red flowers and citrus notes with special graphite and chalk.


The right wine if you are thirsty: very light, but and complex at the same time, satisfying.


Fresh charcuterie, ham, salami, fresh cheese, small appetizers, tacos, boiled meat and vegetables, grilled fish and truffles dishes (San Miniato is the most famous land in Tuscany for the white truffle).

Complete technical sheet

Fresco di NeroPhilosophy

It is an original interpretation for a fresh wine in the land of Truffles. The dishes with this precious tuber are the best match for this unique wine, and we don’t hide that we designed it by eating the excellent white truffle from San Miniato.

However, it is a very versatile wine, which expresses itself even beyond the noble combination proposed above: it is a cross wine that can also accompany fish dishes but it is also fun if we use it to create fancy cocktails.

Vinification & Maturation

We harvest it a month before its natural ripening to take advantage of the soft acidity of this grape and the fruit that comes from an early ripening.

In the cellar the Fresco di Nero is vinified completely in red with a short maceration on the skins and with spontaneous malolactic fermentation in autumn as for all our reds.