• How A Wandering Tempranillo Thrived In Tuscany

    We thank Max Stivens for this interesting article.

    “Lush rolling hills, Sangiovese vineyards, and architecture representative of the medieval period signals that we are in Tuscany. A region viewed by the outside world as one for the rich and famous, but in reality, it is humble. Toscana is an agrarian society, that offers an incredible feed and some of the finest reds you will ever indulge.

    One particular Agricola, which satisfied my appetite for food and wine, is Pietro Beconcini Agricola. The historic winery lies in the hills of the Chianti region and, is located outside the vibrant village of San Miniato. A place with deep connections to Napoleon Buonaparte. There is another element of history which has contributed to the fame of the Beconcini Agricola…”

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  • Christmas 2019: Pietro Beconcini presents the Christmas Collection!

    Christmas is coming and with the holidays, there are many opportunities to toast and celebrate together with the people we love most.

    A bottle of good wine is therefore always a welcome and appropriate gift!

    Pietro Beconcini presents his splendid Christmas Collection: custom sizes in elegant wooden cases made by Pietro Beconcini.
    You can choose the size you prefer to give our wines: the two white wines PRS and VEA, the Chianti ANTICHE VIE and PIETRO BECONCINI Riserva, the Sangiovese RECISO and MAURLEO and the three Tempranillos VIGNA LE NICCHIE, IXE and FRESCO DI NERO…for conclude with the Vinsanto CARATELLO!

    Shipping in Italy and around the world.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Pietro Beconcini!

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