Innovation from the past

There are two fundamental rules in my work, consistency with past decisions, and humility in the process of a continuing desire to learn. These values often contradict each other: the increase in knowledge impels me to make changes that faithfulness to the direction already taken would prevent.


From Tradition to InnovationOur Wines

From the long years of territorial studies on the ancient family vineyards, among which the Via Francigena winds, many ideas were born that you can taste today in my seven red wines and in my two vinsanto.



Wines of the Tradition - Reciso

  • SANGIOVESE Rosso Toscana IGTCertainly my most representative wine, both of my terroir and of my production philosophy, based mainly on the best possible cultivation of my vineyards, and never thought to satisfy one or more markets, but only to demonstrate the size of the Sangiovese grapes on the soils of San Miniato.
  • TasteDry, austere, with very intense tannins and a typical bitter finish, which recalls dark chocolate, brought from our clays

Wines of Innovation - VignaLeNicchie

  • Tempranillo Toscana IGTMy most ambitious and exclusive wine in its uniqueness. After the shocking discovery of the historic presence of the noble Spanish vine Tempranillo in the San Miniato area, I worked to understand its peculiarities and its potential in-depth with the aim of producing a unique wine that was the maximum and sincere expression.
  • TasteCreamy, dense, but with a decidedly pleasant drinkability due to fine and silky tannins that will become sweet only in the sixth seventh year and to a long but not intrusive mouth finish.

Wines of Tradition - Pietro Beconcini Riserva

  • Chianti Riserva DOCGThe traditional production of my family, the wines with which my grandfather and my father first carried on the ancient craft of the winemaker, which in San Miniato left two-thousand-year-old traces.
  • SaporeRound and earthy with good body, important acid/tannic support and clear typicality


The history of Sangiovese is obviously the history of Tuscany, the symbolic grape of our region, but also the vine that more than any other manages to take on different connotations depending on where it is grown.


The great potential of these grapes lies precisely in their originality and in the extreme bond with the soil to which they owe their very particular current genetic heritage.


Love & Respect
for nature from generation to generation

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